March 26, 2023

Neat and new to Me: For the love of Ginger! MAC Sheertone blush in Gingerly

MAC Sheertone blush in Gingerly ($22)

មិនដូចស៊េរីវីរបុរសដែលមិនដូចខ្ញុំដែលមានផលិតផលប្រមូលអចិន្រ្តៃយ៍ដែលខ្ញុំបានស្គាល់ហើយថ្មីសម្រាប់ស៊េរីថ្មីនិងថ្មីសម្រាប់ស៊េរីស៊េរីបង្ហាញផលិតផលប្រមូលផ្តុំអចិន្រ្តៃយ៍ដែលបានរអិលនៅក្រោមរ៉ាដារបស់ខ្ញុំមួយរយៈប៉ុន្តែបន្ទាប់មកខ្ញុំបានរកឃើញពួកគេ! – ហើយឥឡូវនេះខ្ញុំគិតថាពួកគេស្អាតនិងថ្មីសម្រាប់ខ្ញុំ។


I am surrounded by ginger…


I’ve been drinking a lot of ginger ale this week because my tummy’s been obnoxiously gurgly, and I’ve also been, at times, simultaneously wearing MAC Gingerly blush ($22).

Maybe this is more than a coincidence…or maybe it isn’t, and I just have a need to find deep connections between totally unrelated things (story of my life).

My fridge has an entire shelf dedicated to ginger ale…

Gingerly totally hearts bronzed skin. This warm matte peachy brown lends a lovely natural flush to tan skin (highly recommended if you’re around an NC35 and up), and for this I love it!


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


Lighter lasses might love it, too. some of my paler pals describe it as a warm, rich terra cotta on their skin, but they also say that it can sometimes look orangey.

MAC Gingerly on my cheeks…
Gingerly is part of the normally subtle MAC Sheertone blush family, but I’m not exactly sure why that is…because it looks very pigmented on my NC42 skin.

MAC Gingerly blush swatched on my NC42 skin
I really like how it warms my skin tone, and I also like that the finish, while matte, isn’t totally flat. Plus, it’s easy to blend.

Mac Gingerly blush
Give it a try one of these days with an intense eye look or a vibrant lip. For me, when I wear a bold element, sometimes I look a little tired without some extra warmth on my cheeks, which Gingerly nicely adds.

តម្លៃ 22 ដុល្លារ
AVAILABILITY: part of the permanent collection and available now online and at MAC counters and stores
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: A

Today’s trending topic: ginger

Where do you stand on the important issue of ginger?

It’s a very divisive plant, isn’t it? — like cilantro. Some people love the stuff, and some people don’t. in that way it’s also like thumb rings and French tip nails…

I don’t mind a little bit when it’s sweet, like in ginger ale or ginger snaps, but I’m usually NOT down with ginger in most culinary dishes. I guess my tastebuds are really sensitive to it, because sometimes when it’s in a dish, it’s the only thing I can taste.

My brother is the total opposite. He can literally gnaw on a piece of ginger root all afternoon, which is kind of funny considering that he used to be terrified of ginger when he was a kid.

Because when we were little, my mom would bring us with her to the grocery store, and I’d grab a piece of ginger (usually the piece that looked most like the gnarled hand of an evil wizard) and chase him around the store with it.


HAHA! good times…



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