June 17, 2024

Try urban Decay Perversion Mascara for Lascivious Lash love With major thickness at the Base

wearing the new urban Decay Perversion Mascara on my upper lashes
It would have been oddly poetic had I been wearing urban Decay Perversion Mascara ($22) on one of the times (yes, it happened a lot more than once) I was flashed on the sidewalks of downtown San Francisco.

It happened, not once, but twice, walking to and from work. Naughty bits and all, and both times within a six-month period.



I’m just saying that I think I would have appreciated the irony, is all. experiencing an act of perversion while actually wearing a mascara called Perversion.

Or maybe that’s just me and my odd sense of humor.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


The most current lash-loving mascara from urban Decay, Perversion is meant to be blacker than black (wait — is that even possible?), with the deepest, darkest pigments imaginable.

Lash roots like WHOA!

Before (left) and after (right) one coat of urban Decay Perversion Mascara on my upper lashes
I’ve been using it for a couple weeks so far, and it’s odd — in a way, Perversion makes me feel like a gardener.

Wait — that didn’t come out right.

I mean, this stuff is like miracle grow for lash roots. It’s really terrific at building up thickness around the base.

ប៉ុន្តែនោះមិនមែនទាំងអស់ទេ។ It also doesn’t flake or smudge, and it’s easy to remove.

One coat of Perversion, and my lashes look thick and lush, as long as I follow the ideal procedure…

First, I position the brush at the roots, and then really slowly (like s-l-o-w-l-y) wiggle the wand back and forth as I comb through to the ends, concentrating a lot more of the product at the base.

I’m also wearing Chanel’s new Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadows in sensation and Hesitation on my eyes

I’ve tried other methods, but this one gives me the best results. If I apply it in other ways, like building up thin layers or if rush through the wiggling part or use a lot more than one layer, everything goes to sh*t. I end up with droopy, sad-looking lashes, as if someone broke up with them ideal before prom.

Moving the wand back and forth slowly seems to be the key, although I’m not sure why. maybe it gives the formula enough time to hug the lash hairs and set.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: a lot more deets

What about length? I’m happy you asked. Eh, length-wise, it’s just a’ight. I think it absolutely makes a difference. My lashes do look a little longer, but to put it in film terms, it’s like PG-13 length, rather than NC-17.

Does it get better as you build up layers? ទេមិនមែនពិតជាទេ។ In fact, when I apply a lot more than one layer, my lashes start to stick together. I think one layer is the sweet spot.

How about using it for bottom lashes? Well, the wand is pretty husky — not Diorshow husky, but still husky — which makes it a little hard to maneuver around my lower lashes, especially in the corners.

Keep a lookout for Perversion! It’s pertaining to UD counters and urbandecay.com July 13.




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