June 17, 2024

Blueberry Truffle Me: A Chocolate-Inspired makeup look With the new as well dealt with Semi-Sweet chocolate Bar Eye combination

A makeup look influenced by blueberry truffles!
Blueberry truffles: health and wellness food of the future?

I wish. however seriously, I’m coming down with a chilly ideal now, as well as I’m quite sure there are antioxidants in both blueberries as well as chocolate, soooo…I must most likely be eating method a lot more blueberry truffles.


Here’s a look influenced by one of my sweetest loves, blueberry truffles, as well as I utilized the deliciously named as well dealt with Semi-Sweet chocolate Bar palette.

I got the concept for this blue as well as chocolate brown eye look while doing Valentine’s chocolate-themed makeup “research” at See’s candies (read: biting into the Blueberry Truffle sample the great woman at See’s provided me).

Incidentally, I online dangerously close to the Novato vintage Oaks See’s Candies, as well as if I hit all the eco-friendly lights, I can get there in three minutes.


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


I’m just sayin’.

I was in the early stages of choco-ecstasy (it’s a genuine thing!) when I saw this look clearly in my endorphin-flooded mind — shimmery blue lids, a warm matte brown crease, blue smudged along the lower lash lines, lashes packed with mascara, as well as whatever surrounded by a soft, smokey haze.

I’m using as well dealt with La Creme Lipstick in nude beach topped with NARS Turkish pleasure Lipgloss on my lips.
The very first combination I believed of was the as well dealt with Semi-Sweet chocolate Bar ($49), the brand’s new chocolate-scented spring eyeshadow palette.

Excuse me a moment while I open it as well as take a sniff.


The $49 as well dealt with Semi-Sweet chocolate Bar palette

That deep, moody blue shade in the middle is called Blueberry Swirl. With its faint black undertones, I believed it’d be best for buffing as well as blending a blueberry truffle smokey eye.

Wearing the as well dealt with Semi-Sweet chocolate Bar combination on my eyes
I paired it with Semi-Sweet’s Peanut Butter (a warm orangey brown) in the upper crease as well as Puddin’ (a cooler mid-toned brown) in the lower crease. then I packed my lashes with $35 much better Than false Lashes extreme mascara, likewise by as well dealt with (side note: I such as this well sufficient on its own, however it’s no match for my present mascara combo love, Estee Lauder’s new bit Black primer when coupled with any type of great mascara).

I likewise tried a new brow look here…

I’ve been infatuated lately with the full, textured brows on Los Angeles makeup artist Patrick Ta’s Instagram feed (he does the very best BROWS), so I tried something similar with Bobbi Brown’s natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up in Brunette ($24), as well as while I like the fullness, I feel like my brows end up looking a bit as well unruly/messy.

Close to what I want, however I believe I requirement a bit a lot more method with the product.

On my cheeks that’s the Kat Von D shade & Light Contour Palette, Physicians formula Argan wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil blush as well as Physicians formula nude wear Touch of glow Palette
Anywho, who else is hungry for chocolate? I might be back with a two-pound box in seven minutes.

Your friendly community appeal addict,



ភី។ ស៊ី។ ស៊ី Ugh…I believe this bug I’m battling is just a cold, however I’m quite sleepy as well as achy. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it, however I don’t believe it’s working.

What’s your finest house treatment for a cold? I’ve already tried kissing tabby tums, however nothing. Not working.

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