June 17, 2024

How To utilize the new MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour right Line: ideas From MAC senior artist Victor Cembellin

The new MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour right line, offered now
GUUUURL, don’t even get me started about brighting products ’cause we’ll be right here for days.

DAYS, I tell ya. potentially even years.


I’m really never not trying to find something — anything — to provide me an additional brightening lift. It’s one of my continuous personal makeup missions.

When MAC’s new Prep + Prime CC Colour right line came out last week, I was intrigued! — however admittedly confused.

I wasn’t sure where to start… I mean, lavender powder? Yellow deal with lotion?


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


What gives? as well as what are they for?

I asked MAC senior artist Victor Cembellin, who I’ve understood for a few years, about the new products, what they do, as well as the very best methods to utilize ’em.

Hi, Victor! What can you tell me about these new Prep + Prime CC Colour right products? must I be intrigued?

OK, so, essentially, what’s type of incredible about these is that products such as this have been on the market for lots of years, however what I like is that we’ve kind of re-worked them into something completely new.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting SPF 30, $30 each
Obviously, these are for adjusting skin tones. The CC is for “color correct,” however what’s interesting about them is that whereas in the past, there was this kind of mentality from the consumer of, like, if I get hold of this eco-friendly cream as well as put it on top my red cheeks, everything’s going to be gone as well as Photoshopped as well as all that.

Adjust, a sheer apricot
I believe what’s interesting about these specific products is exactly how gently we utilized the innovation to our advantage to make them truly workable, individual friendly, as well as into something that really does what it declares to do, which is to color right the actual tones as well as the idiosyncrasies of the skin.

Recharge, a sheer apricot

OK, exactly how would an daily person or gal integrate these into their makeup routine? I’m checking out a few of these colors, like the violet as well as the yellow, as well as thinking, “These look really, truly cool…” however I have no hint what to make with them.

So, very first of all, they’re extremely sheer, as well as whereas in the past — maybe with things other business have made with them, well… If you’ve ever taken, for example, a light pink blush as well as put it on top of oily skin, it turns six shades darker, as well as that’s what was happening with color correctors. They had as well much pigment in them, so they were really turning the skin odd colors, rather than correcting.

Neutralize, a sheer yellow
I believe what’s great about [the new MAC color correctors], as well as exactly how a typical person would integrate them into their makeup routine, is that they’d be utilized with the kind of technique like you’re erasing the tones off the skin.

Illuminate, a sheer lavender
So, if you’re utilizing the CC cream itself, or if you’re setting with the loose powder or compact powder, it’s the concept that since they are so sheer as well as delicate, it nearly takes the guesswork out of the product for you.

You’re going to utilize the powders on top of your foundation, or if you’re going to utilize the CC creams, you can begin before you really apply your foundation.

But it’s truly just a matter of utilizing them, as well as kind of erasing away, rather than the mentality of covering up, what you see. nearly like Photoshop. You just want to do a bit bit so things type of vanish — not totally cover things so they look odd or heavy, or so neutral that they look type of odd.

What would I utilize change for, the peachy beige?

I’d compare it to this: have you ever been to a department store with poor illumination in the dressing room? You’re checking out your skin, as well as you’re like, “I just feel so dull! I don’t look lively, as well as my skin looks gross!”

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting loose in Adjust, $24
I feel like the change truly just cheers up skin tones. So picture your medium skin tone — as well as I want to state that you’re probably, like, an NC42 in MAC nomenclature? (ME: YES!) — so for you, what it’s going to do is cheer up the skin without making it look like you’ve done some odd Kim Kardashian kind of highlighting as well as contouring effect. It just kind of naturally lifts the skin to where you’re like, “Wow, I look brighter!”

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Compact in Adjust, $24
It brightens areas, maybe in the back of your skin, where, um, people who have a deeper skin tone around their forehead line, around their mouth, as well as around, like, the back of their cheekbones. So it type of adjusts those shades as well as brightens them up.

OK, walk me with the other three — yellow Neutralize, lavender Illuminate as well as apricot Recharge. តើ​ពួកគេ​ធ្វើអ្វី?

To jump directly to Recharge, it would be nearly the precise exact same thing we just explained with Adjust, however for deeper skin tones.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Compact in Recharge, $24
So, maybe we’ve got, you know, an African-American woman, or somebody who’s a NC 50 or NW 50 skin tone — it would be the exact same thing — brightening up those tones so they nearly reverse them, like, the dullness of the skin, or what some people phone call the grayer tones, or the ashy type tones. So that’s going to counter those tones.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting loose in Recharge, $24
As far as the lavender, that would be for somebody like myself for instance.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting loose in Illuminate, $24
I have gold skin, as well as I’m determined to look like I have pink skin. I’m always utilizing red bronzers as well as red type blushes to make me look like I’m sunburned, since when I look at my skin, I feel like I look kind of like gold as well as yellow as well as just dull. So the lavender one, the Illuminate, is truly going to counteract that as well as just bring that brightness, as well as really illuminate the skin. just reversing a few of those tones that may make somebody feel truly dull.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Compact in Illuminate, $24
And then the last one would be Neutralize, which is yellow.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting loose in Neutralize, $24
And that would be best for somebody who has pink nuances in their skin. Myself, having dealt with women for 18 years, women come up as well as they’re always like, “I dislike that my skin’s unequal as well as pink.” So reduce the effects of would be something that you might actually just erase out those pink tones from the skin.

Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Compact in Neutralize, $24
What are your must-haves from the collection then — the things you’re absolutely loving?

I would say, for sure, the CC creams.

Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 swatches from the left: Adjust, Recharge, reduce the effects of as well as Illuminate
What’s fascinating for me as a makeup artist, as well as what I’ve been truly trying to tell my clients as well as just every consumer I interact with, is the concept now of letting the skin be exposed from underneath.

When we’re approaching things, we’re truly just erasing versus covering. With the CC creams, two fantastic colors would be the reduce the effects of as well as the Adjust. I tend to get hold of those a lot. as well as actually just type of like push, pull as well as utilizing brushes, or undoubtedly utilizing fingers, however just truly acting like I’m skimming or erasing off the tones, before I technique [the skin] with foundation.

And what’s great is that the CC cream has priming properties to it, so it really nearly type of self-sets as well as locks down to the skin, so when you put foundation on top, it’s not interrupted by the truth that you’re putting makeup on top of it.

Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting loose swatches from the left: Adjust, Recharge, reduce the effects of as well as Illuminate
And I like loose powder. I understand that some people, when you truly speak to the typical consumer, they’re like, “It’s untidy on my countertop,” as well as this as well as that. however there is that kind of je ne sais quoi — that light powdery-ness of loose powder — that looks velvety as well as nearly soft-focused.

So I discover myself truly gravitating toward those two products, however I think, of course, for somebody on the go or somebody traveling, undoubtedly the compacts are the very best choice.

Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact swatches from the left: Adjust, Recharge, reduce the effects of as well as Illuminate
One a lot more concern for you! With the powders, would you ever utilize them under the eyes?

Yes! These are truly forgiving. picture the Prep + Prime Translucent Powder that we sell. It’s generally that type of formula with a bit bit of that color added to it, so they’re very, extremely versatile as well as forgiving under the eyes.

CC me!
And when you connect them to the skin or add them to the skin, if they hit an oily area around the side of your nose or on the side of your forehead, they don’t oxidize as well as turn weird. They stay truly true to the color you see with your eyes.

So to response your question, yes, beneath the eyes is fine, as long as you’re not, you know, packing a ton of powder, since that’s going to make any individual look textured, as well as with one of our light, fluffy brushes like the 224, which is generally utilized for the contour of the eye.

If you utilize one of those with the change or even with the Illuminate, yes, you might definitely, not only set your concealer, however provide it that additional bit improve that knocks out that pesky dark circle that we’re all trying to get rid of.

Thanks for all the fantastic tips, Victor! My រង្វង់ងងឹតក៏ដូចជាខ្ញុំមិនអាចរង់ចាំ boogie ចុះជាមួយនឹងការកែតម្រូវ។

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