June 17, 2024

There’s lots of One-Coat color To love in the new China Glaze pleased HoliGlaze Collection, part 2

The new China Glaze pleased HoliGlaze Collection, part 2
The new China Glaze pleased HoliGlaze collection is so good…

(How good is it?)


It’s so good that you just might lose yourself while painting your paws and forget to remove your hot rollers.


Please forgive the above picture. It started as a two-minute makeup look (brows, concealer, gloss), but I didn’t make it through the rest of the process before being distracted by all the one-coaters (ONE COAT!) in the second half of this new 12-piece holiday collection (if you missed it, here’s part one).


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??


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It’s the chrome finishes, man!

Glitters and textured polishes typically steal the spotlight, and yes, there’s deposits of glitter and show-stopping textures among the six shades here, but if you’re the kind of gal/guy who loves mad pigment from a single layer, you have lots to look forward to in this limited edition release, which lands on shelves next month.

For pics of the first half of this collection, check out may Your Days Be Merry and bright With the China Glaze pleased HoliGlaze Collection, part 1

Elfin’ Around, a red rust with a shiny chrome-like finish
Elfin’ Around, a bright red polish with a hint of copper, only needs a single layer. It ought to look beautiful on paws/claws attached to lacquer lovers with warm skin.

Just Be-Claws, a red, also with a shiny aluminum-like/chrome finish
I really dig the fine flecks of glitter in just Be-Claws, another one-coater from the collection. It’s subtle in the way that Chanel is. save it for toes and your many festive strappy sandals.

Santa Red My List, a pinkish red with the same aluminum-like finish

One coat of Santa Red My list hits the spot. This one’s flashy, for sure, but not over the top.

I think the next three polishes here look their best with two coats, rather than one. They may take a little much more patience than the chromes, but you’ll be richly rewarded with bling for your time.

Put a Bow On It, a magenta glitter
With its multifaceted purple glitter, put a Bow On It is one of my faves from this launch. There’s a purple party in every bottle! Something about it says, “Vegas bachelorette party.” just add feather boa, tiara and arm candy.

Be Merry Be Bright, a multi-magenta purple glitter
Be Merry Be bright also looks like fun. The combination of big and small hexagonal flecks of royal blue and magenta glitter gives it a carefree demeanor. A good one, I think, for a mother-daughter nail polish painting/bonding session.

There’s Snow One like You, a white textured polish with matte glitter
Oh…and maybe it’s because I didn’t have enough for lunch today, but doesn’t this last shade, There’s Snow One like You, look like coconut cake?

Or is that just my tummy talking?

Good work, China Glaze. It’s good to see such cheerful, festive colors that go beyond green, gold and red holiday fare.

The new pleased HoliGlaze collection, with bottles priced at about $7.50 each, arrives at charm supply stores, beauty salons and online next month.

In other news…

Things are looking up! — like my head, because I can finally relocation my neck again in normal directions, yay!

I think I may have discussed a couple days ago that my upper back was all tweaky. Well, just when I thought I’d be relegated to Thriller-style/Frankenstein-ian neck moves for the rest of my life, the pain has started to subside, so I can finally do a proper Monster Mash again.

It’s the little things.

Let’s see… What else?

Oh, yeah — I’ve been marathon-ing episodes of Parenthood for a couple weeks, and I love it. I’m already on the fourth season.

Anyone else wish they had an older brother like Adam Braverman?

I mean, I’ve always liked being the eldest because I got to do everything first, but it would be good to have an older protector you could turn to for advice.


OK, time to feed my tum before it stages a revolt. Be back in a few.



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