June 17, 2024

A makeup suggestion From the “I discovered This the difficult Way” Files: exactly how to eliminate Globs of Lash glue From Your Eyelids

using a pair of MAC 34 Lashes while gazing out at the cityscape from the five-hundredth floor of a glass house building in a dystopian reality… OK, not really.
I’m a fiend for false lashes, however I am by no implies one of those lucky people who are always able to just pop them on as well as be like, “Doop-da-doo, la-lah-la! That was easy. now let’s go discover some unicorns as well as rainbows.”

Sometimes it is quite easy. perhaps half the time. however the rest of the time it’s not, as well as I’ll end up with eyelash glue around my lids.


That really occurred earlier this week when I was applying a pair of big, bushy, remarkable MAC 34 lashes, which are majorly long at the outer corners (great for feline eye looks), however for the life me, I couldn’t set the lash band where it needed to go.

So bam! — glue around my lids.

Of course, this occurred after I’d spent the time blending as well as buffing a lot of eyeshadows on my lids (OF COURSE).


ឆ្មានិងគ្រឿងតុបតែងមុខរបស់ឆ្មា ??

42 ដុល្លារ


MAC Lash in 7 Lash… like these for “natural” drama.
Even though the glue I was utilizing dried remove as well as invisible, I might still see the structure of the glue on my lids, looking all bumpy as well as heavy.

I sat there with deposits o’ glue around my lids as well as thought, “Gee, this sucks. exactly how am I going to eliminate this without messing up my eyeshadow?”

A pair of Ardell Demi 120s. The longer lashes at the outer corners add a good lift to yo’ look.
I was quite sure that a makeup wipe or cleansing oil, which are what I’d typically utilize to eliminate false lashes, would destroy my shadow handiwork.

That’s when a metaphorical makeup light bulb went off. [DING!]

First, I grabbed a rigid brow comb (I desired one with crispy, for lack of a much better word, bristles). I just utilized the comb on the end of a Guerlain eyebrow Pencil.

Guerlain eyebrow Pencil in 1 Brun Ideal. I utilized the comb opposite the pencil end.

I waited up until the glue was totally dry. then I utilized the comb to carefully scrape the glue off my lids, all the while, doing my finest to keep from messing up the makeup underneath.

And it worked. No much more glue.

Sure, there were a couple areas where the glue lifted my eyeshadow, so I still had to go back in with my brushes as well as eyeshadows to patch things up, however at least I didn’t have to begin from scratch (that would have been much much more work).

Incidentally, this technique likewise works to eliminate excess mascara on your lids. just make sure you wait up until it dries, as well as it’ll flake best off.


And be careful, too, since those brow combs can be awfully stiff. You don’t want to scratch the delicate skin around your eyes.



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